Hey there and welcome to Tokotoko Studio!

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About Tokotoko Studio

Side Notes

Tokotoko Studio was founded by Olof Sjöbergh in 2011. However, some of our projects were started earlier, though the company was not yet formed. They have now found a proper home here.

We try to not lock ourself up in any one technology stack and always aim to improve our ways of working. For the moment, our most loved technology is Django see (1), the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Though we are based in Sweden, we try to be as international as possible. After all, Sweden is not the biggest of markets.

To keep us company, we have our little furry mascot. see (2)

Areas of Competence

In one form or another, we have worked with the following technologies

  • Web development in Python (Django), Jquery and Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP
  • Back end and data analysis in Python, C, C++, Matlab
  • Mobile apps in Java and C (Android)
  • Content and translations in English, Swedish and Japanese see (3)