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Publishing Kanji by Hand

the paid version of Kana by Hand

olof Feb 29 2012 Android, Tokotoko

Since the launch of Kana by Hand I've been continuing to work on a paid version that includes kanji instead of only hiragana and katakana. It now works well enough so I published it on the Android market.

There were two big things to get done before launching. One was a sync function and a server side backend. This was required since the word list for the kanji version is much bigger and I need to be able to improve it over time by adding and removing words. So the clients need to be able to sync their lists. It was rather straightforward to get it working using the SyncAdapter framework on Android, but as always the troubleshooting took some time. Now it works quite nicely, and also gives the users the ability to seamlessly sync their progress on multiple devices.

Secondly, the word list needed to be good enough to launch with. I had to go through and find common words that show how the different characters are used and check that the translations made sense. It's a lot of work, and for launch the first 1000 words or so have been fixed. The rest I will go through from now on, and with the sync functionality the clients will get the updates automatically.

To go with the launch I put together a promo page to better explain and market the app. There are also plans to give the users the possibility to see their progress in more detail on the website.

I got some really good feedback from the Hacker News crowd when I posted it there. It's a big inspiration when you get some reactions to what you have done. I'll continue to look into some of the good ideas from there. As expected, one of the common requests is for an iPhone version, so I guess I'll have to get started on that soon.

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