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Django tip: Debugging templates

Django tip: Debugging templates

using ipdb to get into your context

When debugging your Django code, the interactive python debugger is an invaluable tool. Wherever you want to take a look at what your code is really doing you can drop in the following line 'import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()' and then when you run the development server you'll be dropped into a debugging shell at that point. It makes it super easy to examine your data and step through your code. However, that only works for your Python code...

olof sep 23 2012

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Japanska.se gets a new look

and a new backend as well!

Way back in 2006, Japanska.se was written by me as an interface to a Japanese-Swedish dictionary that my brother had created in a research project. Over time it got some nice features such as user editing of words, but then saw a long time of neglect when there was no time to update it. By 2012 it had gotten quite old and outdated, so when I finally found the time I rewrote it using more...

olof apr 13 2012

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Having fun with the Django Admin

Getting a lot for little effort

One of the best features of Django is the powerful admin interface. When you have defined you models, Django can automatically create an interface for creating and editing your data. Of course, how useful this is for you depends on what kind of a website your building. But if you have some models where someone will create the content which will not be edited by normal users, than it's a perfect way to save a...

olof nov 10 2011

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Text search with Django Haystack

Adding a search function to Tokotoko.se

Having gotten most functionality I wanted for this site working, I thought I'd look into adding a search function for the blog here. After some googling, it looked like Haystack was the most promising solution for Django, the framework this site is built with. So I did my best to get it set up the way I wanted. All in all it took about a day to get it working, which is not too...

olof nov 04 2011

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Launching Tokotoko.se

Tokotoko Studio now has its very own home on the internet

Since early summer this year we're working full time on Tokotoko Studio and doing our own thing. Until now we've been busy with our different projects, but this week I took the time to put together this little home on the internet. As I've been using and loving Django for some other projects, it was a natural choice for this site as well. With just a few days of work it's now looking good, which...

olof nov 02 2011

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