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Django tip: Debugging templates

Publishing Kanji by Hand

the paid version of Kana by Hand

Since the launch of Kana by Hand I've been continuing the work on a paid version that includes kanji instead of only hiragana and katakana. It now works well enough so I published it on the Android market. There were two big things to get done before launching. One was a sync function and a server side backend. This was required since the word list for the kanji version is much bigger and...

olof feb 29 2012

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Launching Kana by Hand

Our first app for studying Japanese

For the last month or so, I have been focusing on putting together an app for learning Japanese. During the years I've been studying I've always wanted an app for learning all the different characters that build up the Japanese writing system. Now I have released Kana by Hand, which is a free app for learning the two alphabets hiragana and katakana. The best way, in my experience, is to learn by writing. What...

olof jan 08 2012

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Having fun with the Django Admin

Getting a lot for little effort

One of the best features of Django is the powerful admin interface. When you have defined you models, Django can automatically create an interface for creating and editing your data. Of course, how useful this is for you depends on what kind of a website your building. But if you have some models where someone will create the content which will not be edited by normal users, than it's a perfect way to save a...

olof nov 10 2011

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Text search with Django Haystack

Adding a search function to Tokotoko.se

Having gotten most functionality I wanted for this site working, I thought I'd look into adding a search function for the blog here. After some googling, it looked like Haystack was the most promising solution for Django, the framework this site is built with. So I did my best to get it set up the way I wanted. All in all it took about a day to get it working, which is not too...

olof nov 04 2011

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Launching Tokotoko.se

Tokotoko Studio now has its very own home on the internet

Since early summer this year we're working full time on Tokotoko Studio and doing our own thing. Until now we've been busy with our different projects, but this week I took the time to put together this little home on the internet. As I've been using and loving Django for some other projects, it was a natural choice for this site as well. With just a few days of work it's now looking good, which...

olof nov 02 2011

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