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Kanji by Hand

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Nov 25 2011 - ongoing

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Kanji by Hand is an app for learning how to write kanji, the characters used to write Japanese. It teaches you how to write them correctly, and how they are used to form words. For each question you write the answer with your fingers on the input pad, and get feedback on if it is correct or not. You can see an animation of how to write it with the correct stroke order.

To learn efficiently, you need to be active in the learning process. Since you have to write the answer yourself there's no way to cheat, and that makes Kanji by Hand a very effective tool for learning. Retention of learned material is maximized by using a spaced repetition algorithm, where difficult questions are repeated more often.

The app Kana by Hand is a free version which includes the two alphabets hiragana and katakana. For more details about these two apps, see the promotional page Kanjibyhand.com.


Technology Stack

The app is built in Java using the Android SDK.